About mamakids

Hi, there!

I am so excited to meet you here! There is so much I want to share with you!

My name is Claire and I’ve been a stay home ever since I got pregnant and I’ve loved every minute to take care of my kid. Time flies and it’s time for me to find something that will not only generate an extra income and will put me back on track to pursuing my dream of having a successful business doing what I love.

During the past couple of years in my spare time I made many friends who are new moms just like me. One is working in an exporting company and she always brings good quality stuff to me. There are some other friends are running a nice little library in their compounds and I have bought a lot of nice books to my kids from them quite often.

Every time I find something that I love I always think that I would love to have someone to sell that too. I want to reach out to all the moms around the world that are at home thinking of ways to make extra money and all the people out there who want to find ways of making that extra cash. Let’s partner up!

I welcome you again and I thank you for coming onboard with me.

Now, let’s start sharing!




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